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Nytt om tidsskriftet Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

NCCS styrelse har fattat beslut om att vår tidsskrift Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences övergår från tryckt pappersversion till digital publikation (online-only) från år 2016. Under de senaste åren har allt fler prenumeranter visat ett ökat intresse för online prenumeraion. I dag är över 85% av institutionernas prenumerationer online-only och den förväntes öka. Som bilaga finner ni brevet til Wiley Blackwell kommer att sända ut till prenumeranterna för att informera om övergången till digital publikation (online-only) år 2016.

Med vänlig hälsning
Yvonne Hilli
Ordförande i NCCS



Dear member of Nordic College of Caring Science

Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences moves to digital publication in 2016.

We are always looking at ways to best serve our authors', readers' and customers' needs with a view toward future development. Over the past few years, institutions and libraries have shown a clear and increasing preference for online subscriptions over print and the vast majority of readers demonstrate the same preference for assessing journal articles. The majority of journals now offer fully online submission and peer review systems for authors to use. As a whole over 85% of all institustional subscription sales for the Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences are online-only and we anticipate this proportion will continue to increase.

As we are looking to invest more and more in digital innovation for the journal community, and to make it the best place to discover and publish research, we feel that it is now the right time to cease the sypply of print copies and to convert the Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences to an online-only journal. This will allow the Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences to make the most of publishing in the online environment. For example, we will be able to more effectively support the publication of large datasets, animations and models which are becoming more widely used and accessed. Wiliey Online Library, our content platform, is optimised to make the most of the online environment, and we have exciting plans for further online developments to enhance the reading experience and engage readers.

With kind regards
Rosie Hutchinson
Wiley Blackwell

Bestyrelse 2016

Camilla Koskinen, ordförande
Ann-Helen Sandvik, vice ordförande
Dag Karterud, sekreterare
Lena Boussaid, kassör
Britta Hørdam
Ulrica Hörberg